In Bodensee Saga

You want to know what Lilly’s story is about?

A courageous woman. A fateful time. And the scent of love and home.
W├╝rttemberg, 1918.

For young Lilly, it is supposed to be the start of her own life: Newly married, she leaves her parents’ inn on Lake Constance and begins her marriage with hope at the side of Arno, the heir to a prestigious Stuttgart soap empire.

But the last year of the war changes everything. When Arno is reported missing, Lilly’s world is in ruins. She courageously takes on the responsibility for her husband’s company, dreams of her own cosmetics line and makes plans for the future – until the mysterious Felix Benthin enters her life and shakes up her feelings. Because she knows that this love is not meant to be …

The second volume of the new trilogy by bestselling author Maria Nikolai – a highly emotional saga, just as enchanting as “Die Schokoladenvilla”!

THE LAKE CONSTANCE SAGA VOL. 2 - Daughters of Happiness-Maria-Nikolai

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