Die Bodensee-Saga

“Töchter des Glücks” – Volume 2

A courageous woman. A fateful time. And the scent of love and home. The enchanting new saga by the author of “Schokoladenvilla” continues!

Baden and Württemberg, 1918. For young Lilly, it is supposed to be the start of her own life: Newly married, she leaves her parents’ inn on Lake Constance and begins her marriage with hope at the side of Arno, the heir to a prestigious Stuttgart soap empire.

But the last year of the war changes everything. When Arno is reported missing, Lilly’s world is in ruins.

She courageously takes on the responsibility for her husband’s company, dreams of her own cosmetics line and makes plans for the future – until the mysterious Felix Benthin enters her life and shakes up her feelings. Because she knows that this love is not meant to be …

“Daughters of Happiness” The Lake Constance saga by bestselling author Maria Nikolai.

Die Bodensee-Saga

“Töchter der Hoffnung” – Volume 1

As yearning and enchanting as “The Chocolate Mansion”!

Meersburg, 1917: A romantic old inn on the shores of Lake Constance, surrounded by a flowering garden – for Helena Lindner and her sisters, the Lindenhof is a place full of idyllic childhood memories.

But three years of war have left their mark. The guest rooms are empty, father Gustav is at the front and mother Elisabeth rules with an iron hand. Despite the hard times, Helena cannot let go of the dream of reviving the place of her childhood and turning it into a grand hotel.

When a young nobleman takes up residence at the Lindenhof, new courage awakens in her. The handsome stranger is surrounded by a fascinating aura, but his face bears deep scars. As the two grow closer, they discover similarities that lead deep into Helena’s past …

The prelude to the new saga by bestselling author Maria Nikolai.

Töchter der Hoffnung - German Edition
Die Schokoladenvilla - Zeit des Schicksals

The Chocolate Mansion

“The Legacy ” – Volume 3

Troubled times. A family heritage in danger. A love that`s infinite….

Stuttgart in the summer of 1936:
The young Chocolatière Viktoria has to abandon her apprenticeship in France, because the domestic family chocolate-manufacture desperately needs her support.

Times are troubled and insecure: the Rothmann family is in danger to be crowded out of the Companies` Management commitee. While Viktoria and her mother Judith are still trying to fight hard against the odds, the American businessman Andrew Miller turns up in Stuttgart. The handsome and attractive American unsettles Victoria`s emotional world within as well as he offers a way out of the companies` dilemma. But is he really the one, he appears to be? And as events are rushing, a long and well hidden family secret comes to the

The dramatic final part of the successful bestseller trilogy.

The Chocolate Mansion

“Golden Years” – Volume 2

A time of temptation. A family having to save their dream, their existence…

Stuttgart in 1926:
The young and adventurous Serafina is moving to her half-brother Victor, into his posh and splendid (family) estate, called „The Chocolate Mansion“.
The Rothmann family is widely well known for their fine and gorgeous choclate creations Serafina loves to be tempted by.

Passionate she dives into the lure of these exiting times and when she meets the handsome and attractive Anton she is falling head of heels in love. But Anton is about to be engaged with someone else. Meanwhile the Rothmanns´(choclate) empire is threatened by insidious acts of sabotage – and suddenly Serafina is faced with the darkest chapter of her past….

Volume 2 of the magnificent (and thrilling) family saga in high quality, refined “Romance Design” Edition.


The Chocolate Mansion

“The Chocolate Mansion” – Volume 1

The fate of two women. The legacy of a family. The story of a passion.

Stuttgart in 1903: Judith Rothmann lives with her family in the exlusive villa district in Degerloch/Stuttgart. Her father is owning a large chocolate factory in the city and Judith is spending every possible minute there. She loves designing new and tempting creations of chocolate herself and hopes that one day her father will call her into the Management commitee of the company…

When she realises, that he absolutely refuses and wants her to get married for a large dowry instead, her world falls apart. With all her might she opposes to her fathers plans. At that very time she meets Victor Rheinberger, a former fortress prisoner, who wants to build up himself a new existence in Stuttgart.
Soon the situation is about to escalate dramatically…

Volume 1 and start of the big family saga, in high quality, superb “Winter-Romance” Edition. 

About the author MARIA NIKOLAI

Making up stories, writing them down and beautify them with own drawings – that`s how my own story as a writer began decades ago – a childhood dream. I created poetry and prose, and plays I even directed myself scavenging my parents`household for the needed requisites.

Growing up, however, suddenly everydays life stood in between me and my literary ambitions – university, job, marriage and family-life with children. Not too much time to make a childhood dream come true, but yet 5 books were written and published within 10 years, all of them based on historical background. And when the sixth took shape in me, I was ready to release with a big prestigous publishing company – Penguin.

THE CHOCOLATE MANSION now lures you into a tempting, gently melting world and is an irresistable family saga playing in the first half of the 20th century.

Books by Maria Nikolai are available in the following languages


“Una novela tan intensa y tentadora como el chocolate”
ISBN: 978-84-17708-45-0
Publisher: Maeva Ediciones (18. Nov. 2019)

la-mansion-de-los-chocolates maria nikoilai

A csokoládévilla

“A szerelem olyan, mint a csokoládé: a keserűség csak növeli az édességet.”
ISBN: 9789633248119
Published: Central Könyvek


Шоколадная вилла

“Love is like chocolate: bitterness only increases sweetness.”
ISBN: 978-617-12-6082-5



“Scalda il cuore e coinvolge con impareggiabile dolcezza.”
ISBN: 9788822733955
Published: Newton Compton Editori s.r.l.

La villa del mercante di cioccolato

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Sincerely. Your Maria Nikolai.

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